Charleston African American Community Speaks Out Against Coalition for Kids Negative Attack Ads on TV And Radio

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(Charleston, SC.) – Recently, the Coalition for Kids, a “dark money group” of wealthy business people is attempting to exercise its influence into our local school board race in order to dictate school board policy. They’ve released radio and television ads disparaging the character of two African American incumbent school board members, duly elected by the citizens of Charleston County, who are running for reelection this year.

The Coalition for Kids is an organization that is made up of entities that are disconnected from the black community. This entity seeks to create an academic environment which is white centered and is devoid of the cultural supports that black students have in traditional Public Schools.  The Coalition for Kids does not seek to involve the black community in its efforts because it does not truly respect the black community. It believes that it can circumvent the traditional means of change because it is made up of various entities that are powerful decision makers in this area.

Watch Video of Press Conference

Supporters of Kevin Hollinshead, one of the incumbent school board members targeted, have organized a press conference to raise public awareness of the malicious intent to sway public opinion by this organization, which believes it can decide who the leaders and/or representatives in the African American community need to be.

We find their negative advertisements to be inappropriate, their objective and tactics very insulting, lacking any semblance of respect or regard for the intelligence of African American residents in Charleston County. This is an old playbook which was utilized decades ago. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS OFFENSIVE DISRESPECT ANY LONGER!

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