This SPEED (Sustainability, Planning, Education, Engagement, Development) workshop

Community Workshop: Learn How to Establish Non-Profit Status for Neighborhoods

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Attention Richland County Residents,

A significant event is on the horizon that could have a lasting impact on your neighborhood. The Richland County Neighborhood Improvement Program is organizing a special training workshop focused on guiding neighborhoods through the process of attaining 501c3 organization status. Here are the details you need to know:

What: SPEED (Sustainability, Planning, Education, Engagement, Development) workshop
When: Thursday, August 24, starting at 6:00 pm
Where: 4th Floor Conference Room, Richland County Administration Building

At this workshop, participants will be provided with insights and step-by-step guidance on the application process for becoming an official non-profit organization. A legal expert will be leading the event, answering questions, and offering practical assistance to help neighborhoods establish this critical status.

It’s important to note that this workshop is open to all neighborhoods within Richland County, regardless of whether they are located in a municipality or not. The opportunity to become a recognized non-profit entity is an essential step for community organizations.

In addition to this training workshop, a noteworthy Richland County Neighborhood Council meeting is scheduled for September 28. This gathering is set to cover updates on county government developments, planned events, and progress reports from the recently elected RCNC Board. There’s also a hint of an upcoming significant announcement related to a confidential project the council has been working on.

This event aims to contribute positively to the community’s growth and development. The Richland County Neighborhood Council is committed to enhancing its outreach and impact across the entire county.

Stay informed and mark your calendars for these important dates. Your participation could make a meaningful difference for your neighborhood.

Reporting for the community, Michael Bailey

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