Council Elects New Leadership for New Year

Richland County Council elected Councilman Overture Walker as chair and Councilwoman Jesica Mackey as vice-chair.

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(Columbia, SC) – During its first meeting of the year Tuesday, Richland County Council elected Councilman Overture Walker as chair and Councilwoman Jesica Mackey as vice-chair for 2022.

Both Walker and Mackey are entering the second year of their initial terms on Council. The Councilmembers both won their seats in the 2020 election and were sworn in at the beginning of 2021.

“I’d like to just thank Council for their vote of confidence and support. I am honored and humbled by your decision,” Walker said after Tuesday’s announcement.

“I understand the gravity and importance of the chair’s role, and I look forward to working closely with every member of this distinguished body as we set priorities together for County government and build on our successes from 2021.”

Councilwoman Jesica Mackey and Councilman Overture Walker

Walker represents District 8, which runs from the northern part of Forest Acres through Arcadia Lakes and Northeast Richland as far north as Lake Carolina and Long Creek.

“This first year has been a great experience working alongside each of you,” Mackey said, addressing Councilmembers. “I look forward to all we’re going to accomplish together in 2022.”

Mackey represents District 9, which is located in Northeast Richland and includes the Pontiac community. 

Richland County Council consists of 11 members who are elected from single-member districts for four-year terms beginning Jan. 1 of the year after their election. In January, Council elects a chair and vice-chair, who serve one-year terms.

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