Digital Agency Launches Annual Scholarship and Mentorship Program for Black Students in Ontario and South Carolina

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(Toronto, ON) – In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, the protests sparked by the tragic death of George Floyd, and the disproportionate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on marginalized communities, Reason One has committed to expand opportunities for marginalized communities and help build the next generation of diverse leaders. Today, the agency launched its first annual mentorship and scholarship program to promote diversity in the Canadian and U.S. tech industry. The Reason One Mentorship and Scholarship Program (ROMSP) will award Black students between the ages of 17-35 years old enrolled or recently accepted in a digital-discipline program, pursuing or with plans to pursue a career in tech. 

The mentorship and scholarship program aims to improve access and remove financial barriers for Black students with six (6) scholarships, including a $10,000 scholarship and five(5) $1000 micro-scholarships. The $10,000 scholarship recipient receives a 1-year mentorship program with Reason One, which involves career planning, professional development, and mentorship to help inform and prepare their transition to a career in tech. The application deadline for candidates is April 20, 2021. For more information, visit:  

Quick Facts: 

  • Statistics show that Black tech workers make up only 2.6% in Canada’s tech industry, and just 7% in the United States
  • The lack of diversity presents a harmful racial bias in technology, which negatively impacts racialized communities. It is necessary to have diversity in tech because it promotes innovation and yields more inclusive and equitable technological solutions.     

The events of 2020 and those speaking up for racial justice and equity were a wake-up call for us at Reason One. We learned that it is not enough to stand in solidarity; we have to act on what we believe. We hope this program will be an impactful opportunity for the recipients, our company and the tech industry.” – Ben Cash, Founding Partner of Reason One. 

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