District Two Superintendent gets into a verbal altercation with a parent at school board meeting

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Dr. Baron R. Davis

According to a police report filed after the incident, the altercation occurred at Tuesday’s Richland County School District Two board meeting. 

Allegedly, the incident was a result of a dispute between two male parents and Superintendent Baron R. Davis’s wife at two separate times during the meeting.

Alleged cell phone photo of Security pushing Superintendent Davis back across the room.

There are still many questions to be answered regarding this incident and all the facts have not been confirmed. However, according to witness accounts, Pamela Davis, the wife of the superintendent and a teacher for the district, was confronted by two males. A verbal disagreement ensued in which voices were raised.

When Superintendent Davis attempted to intervene to assist his wife, he was restrained by security before he could confront one of the men who was involved in the altercation with his wife. 

Witnesses say that Davis could be heard shouting, “Why are you talking to my wife, talk to me.” 

A security officer and a Richland County Sheriff’s officer present at the meeting intervened and spoke to both of the gentlemen involved in the disagreement, who were later identified as Gus Philpott and Gary Ginn. Both are District parents and are frequently active participants at school board meetings. The two individuals were served trespass notices and asked to leave the premises.  

Read Incident Reports below

Richland County Sheriff’s Department Incident Report

Police report filed by Gary Ginn the following day

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