Lawmaker wants to pardon 20% of South Carolinians convicted of simple possession on April 20 every year

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A Lowcountry lawmaker has filed a bill that would pardon 20% of South Carolinians who have been convicted of simple marijuana possession on April 20th of every year.

State Representative JA Moore (D-Berkeley) filed legislation to designate April 20 as “420 Day” in the Palmetto State and require the Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon to pardon 20% of incarcerated South Carolinians who have only been convicted of simple possession of marijuana on that date every year.

“Possession of marijuana is a nonviolent offense and it’s a crime that has been enforced unjustly since its inception,” Moore said. “We need to force a conversation on this issue and that is the intention of my bill.”

Meanwhile, SC Rep. Deon Tedder (D-Charleston) is pushing for a bill where the scent of marijuana alone would not provide law enforcement with reasonable suspicion or probable cause to support a stop, search, seizure, or arrest.

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