Nationally acclaimed actor and director JB Brown to his dramatic thriller, “Forbidden Love” at the Spotlight Theatre

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Dennis Todd, (JB BROWN) appeared to be the perfect husband, father and family man, until a deep dark

secret is revealed. When a man chooses lust over love the love for his family is lost! His wife, Nikkei, (NASHA SHANDRI) is devastated. A cheating husband’s Mischief leads to murder, mystery and mayhem. His odious connection to his son’s (CHRISTOPHER AMMANUEL) girlfriend (JAVIA BELTON) uncovers the biggest shock of their lives! [TRAILER CAN BE VIEWED ONLINE]

Other cast members include from “BLACK LIGHTENING” Christopher Ammanuel, Nasha Shandri, Curtis Wilson, Jake Staley and Javia Belton. Along with dynamic performances from Rebecca Faye Neale-May,

N’Yannia Prince and Reggie Freeman make the film an all-star cast and major hit!. Brown has worked

with many household names like, Chuck Norris, Tommy Ford, Sherman Hemsley (The Jefferson’s), comedian Rodney Perry & Angie Stone who starred in his movie “To Love The Soul of A Woman.” Brown also appeared on the hit television drama Walker: Texas Ranger. The run will be launched by Tony, “Colonel” Vaughn, of Meet The Browns on Saturday, November 13th by greeting patrons at the entrance of the Spotlight Theatre, 201 Columbia Mall Blvd

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