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Rep. Jermaine Johnson’s bill, which proposes seniors aged 78 and older to receive sales tax exemptions, has passed the House Ways and Means subcommittee

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(Columbia, SC) – State Representative Jermaine Johnson’s (D-Hopkins) House Bill 3709 has passed the Sales, Use and Income Tax Legislative Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee.

“a one percent tax, which must be credited as provided in Section 59-21-1010(B). The one percent tax specified in this item (2) does not apply to sales to an individual seventy-eight years of age or older purchasing tangible personal property for his own personal use, if at the time of sale, the individual requests the one percent exclusion from tax and provides the retailer with proof of age…”

Rep. Johnson had this to say:

“This could not come at a better, more appropriate time for our seniors. We are seeing record high inflation, gas prices, food shortages among other things. This could provide some much needed relief for some of our most vulnerable population.”

The current law reads the same with the difference being in age qualification at eighty-five years of age. “When was the last time you have seen an eighty-five year old senior out in the mall during covid shopping for themselves?” Rep Johnson asks. “Let’s help our seniors enjoy their golden years because like my mother always says, keep living because we will all be seniors one day.”

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