Sydeajah’s ‘Crooked Letters’: A Nostalgic Throwback to the Real Music Era in Hip-Hop

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(Columbia, SC) – I often find myself wondering, how many black men must you shoot on your album to win a Grammy? Or how many times must you mention the moisture level of your vaginal area before you hit 1 million streams? And how I wish this were a rhetorical question, but unfortunately, it’s not because so many of our young hip-hop artists today set out to hit that magical number every day. Well, let me correct myself – what is allowed to pass as “Hip-hop ” these days.

Now that I got that out of the way!

Does anybody remember when hip-hop and music, in general, was fun? I don’t! Well, I should say I didn’t, until this morning when Sydeajah dropped her video ‘Crooked Letters,’ directed by Jo Jo Williams and Yo! Shayne!

It was a refreshing blast from the past. Sydeajah took me back to the Spring of 2010 when Ciara dropped her debut song, “Goodies” featuring Petey Pablo, and back to the days before Chris Brown had a domestic violence charge.

Although a pop princess on the rise, Sydeajah is the queen of the Southern Soul Dynasty, at JusJo Records. Her latest song is a nod to a bygone era when you could sing along with artists all the way through their song no matter if your mother or grandmother was around you. Thank you so much, Sydeajah; how I miss the days when all of the words in a song were discernible and, more importantly, could be found in a dictionary.

“Crooked Letters,” Sydeajah’s playfully soft voice, is laid down over a fast-paced classic pop beat, over a high-key rhythm with a repetitive hook, that’s fun catchy, and guaranteed to have you singing along. Big shoutout to the producers; Dion Slaughter, Marblouis Myers, Milliage Williams, Maureen Williams, and Carrie Attaway, Ya’ll got this right! This is real music.

If you haven’t seen the video check it out below. I’d like to say, Thank You, to Sydeajah’s Mother and Father, for raising her around real music and instilling in her the oldest of African-American traditions, of uplifting each other through song and music. Last but not least, Thank you to Jo Jo Williams and the entire team at JusJo Records, for having the character and artistic courage to put out real music in a market dominated by WAP and Pound Town wannabes.

Thank you for giving us something real.

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