Tom Steyer is investing in the black community. No one can buy our vote!

"We know it when we see!"

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It is no secret that I support Tom Steyer.  I do so because he is the only candidate who supports the black community and the issues we are concerned with. Because of such support and the fact that he is surging in the polls the attacks on him are increasing.  But there is one thread that connects them all. They are all racially motivated with the specific, singular intent of stopping black people from voting for a candidate who supports us in word and indeed. Let me be clear, having suffered racism for centuries we know it when we see.

The phrase “buying the black vote” and the underlying notion that the black vote can be bought is racist and insulting.  Tom Steyer is investing in the black community.  What follows is a summary of the numerous reasons why Tom Steyer is a target. 

Johnnie Cordero
  • Tom has spent more time on the ground in South Carolina than any other candidate. 
  • He was the first candidate to bring race to the forefront during the Debates and now all candidates are starting to lean more on this strategy, particularly here.
  • Tom supports reparations unequivocally and has a plan to make it happen. 
  • His wife, Kat Taylor, believes so much in the 5 Rights Agenda that she left her position as CEO of Beneficial State Bank and has moved to South Carolina for the duration of the race to the SC Primary.
  • Tom brought clean water to Denmark in October 2019, joining Deanna Miller Berry in the fight for climate justice. 
  • He has donated to the Columbia Urban League, which is nonpartisan. The leader of this organization pointed out the fact that all of the candidates were invited to send a contribution but only Steyer actually did.
  • He has been doing food drops throughout areas labeled as “food deserts” around the state, from Bamberg Co to North Charleston, SC. 
  • Tom has hired the most diverse staff of over 100 people, 91% of them being native to South Carolina and over 80% belonging to a community of color.
  • He has chosen those who have long track records of serving the community – like myself – to be endorsers and he listens to us. He has chosen Jerry Govan and Gilda Cobb-Hunter to be advisors because no one knows the state and the problems that it faces better than them.
  • He is investing in the state not by just coming and spending money but coming and spending time as well as providing people the opportunity to better their lives rather than just giving handouts.
  • He has been accused of pandering to the black population because he pays African Americans a fair wage for their work, which is controversial because this community has been historically underpaid and disenfranchised.

Johnnie Cordero is an African American thought leader who identifies as a Radical Centrist. He is the current Chairman of the South Carolina Community Black Caucus. Cordero is the host of the “Radical Review” podcast and is a frequent political contributor and commentator for The MinorityEye. Cordero holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Doctorate in Jurisprudence. He is the author of ‘Total Black Empowerment: A Guide to Critical Thinking in the Age of Trump.’ His new book ‘Theodicy and The Power of the African Will’ is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers.

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