A Centennial Celebration for Addison “Jack” Greene’s 100th Birthday Was Held Memorial Day Weekend In St. Stephen

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By: Wanda Greene Jackson (Granddaughter)

(St. Stephen, SC) — On Saturday, May 29th, family members and friends throughout St. Stephen celebrated the 100th birthday of Addison “Jack” Greene.  Greene was born in Alvin, South Carolina on May 21, 1921. He was baptized at a very early age at Bethlehem Baptist Church of Alvin, South Carolina and has been a faithful and loyal member ever since.  He is now referred to as “Father of the Church”.

In 1942, Jack was drafted into the United States Army where he served as Quartermaster with Bakery Company at Camp Jackson, South Carolina, working as a truck driver.  His tour of duty took him to Europe and he spent time in France, Germany, and England. He received the American Theater SV Ribbon and the Eamet SV Medal for Good Conduct. Jack Greene proudly served his country until the end of the war in 1945.  His final duty station was Camp Gordon, Georgia.   Jack had an ear for languages and learned to speak French fluently during those three years.  And, he still speaks French today.

“Uncle Jack” or “Dad” as he is affectionately known, was married to the late Ruby Moultrie Greene and is the father of 12 children; has 44 grandchildren, 94 great-grandchildren and 37 great-great grandchildren.  An outgoing and gregarious gentleman, Jack enjoys storytelling and playing music on his harmonica and handmade sticks, especially for his grands.  “Keeping children around is what keeps you young,” says Jack, “and I can certainly attest to that”!

Jack and his late wife Ruby started selling BBQ in the mid-1950s.  It became a weekly success; people would come from miles around just to get a taste of his famous sauce. In addition to his BBQ business, Jack worked many jobs in those subsequent years.  He worked in the logging business and at the Jamestown Wool Mill (now called, Santee River Mill) until his retirement.  He then began working for the Cohen’s at a local farm, caring for livestock until the age of 87.  Along the way he continued to make and sell his famous RubyJack Barbecue Sauce, which is now considered a community staple in the St. Stephen area. 

Jack still enjoys driving, and although the pandemic has kept him close to home and off the streets, he occasionally rides around the property on his golf cart. He participates regularly with the Alvin Senior Citizen’s Program and the Laurel Hill Masonic Lodge. He also enjoys sitting on his porch in his favorite chair, entertaining others.  Well-known and much loved throughout South Carolina, family members and friends traveled from all over to help Jack celebrate his centennial.  The May 29th parade started with the JROTC from Timberland High School. A presentation was then made from the office of the Honorable Lloyd J. Austin, III (the first African American to serve as Secretary of Defense in Washington, DC.). State Representative Joseph Jefferson, read a letter and made a presentation from the Office of Governor Henry McMaster, and Senate Resolutions were presented by State Senators Darrell Jackson and Larry Grooms.  Mr. Greene was also presented with a United States Flag from the Joint Base Charleston Military. Members of local law enforcement, the fire department and the American Legion were also on-hand to celebrate Uncle Jack.

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