People for Democratic Party Reform Announces 2020 Convention

urging the Democratic Party to adopt resolution 2020-006 by restoring democratic processes to the nomination of presidential candidates

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The People for Democratic Party Reform (PDPR) will host a two-day virtual convention for progressive Democrats. The first day will be training on the basics of democratic conventions and how delegates participate in conventions. The second day will be the PDPR Convention.

Senator Nina Turner will be the keynote speaker launching the convention on July 19. The convention will then proceed with the adoption of the convention reports, consideration of a progressive platform, and consideration of key reforms for the Democratic Party to make it more democratic.

A maximum of 1,950 delegates will be credentialed. Credentials will be issued to 1,200 progressive delegates to the Democratic National Convention, 500 members of progressive organizations (such as Progressive Democrats of America, Democratic Socialists of America, and Our Revolution) and 100 members of PDPR. Additionally, 150 positions are reserved for candidates who were disqualified from being delegates to the DNC Convention by the campaigns.

Convention Training on July 18 will be based on convention rules outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order, the parliamentary authority for the Democratic Party. Additional training will be on how delegates participate in conventions, including amending the convention rules, platform, challenging the credentials report, and debate. Time will be reserved for questions and answers from the attendees.

The convention on Sunday July 19 will be run as a “normal” convention. Delegates will have an opportunity to consider and vote on the reports of the credentials, rules and program committees. Key planks of a progressive platform will be considered. The final actions of the convection will be consideration of resolutions affecting the bylaws and charter of the Democratic Party.

Information on the Convention is at: PDPR.ORG/2020-convention. Potential convention delegates will find the link at this page for registration to the event. The general public can watch the livestream events for both days at links on the same page. Recordings of the events will be available at the same links afterward.

People for Democratic Party Reform (PDPR) was founded to identify and advocate for changes in the U.S. Democratic Party that will make the national and state party organizations more democratic. The organization’s membership currently represents thirty-one states and the District of Columbia. Its membership is predominantly elected Democratic Party delegates to organizations ranging from county party committees to the Democratic National Committee and Convention.

Any Democrat wanting to work at Democratic Party Reform may join at PDPR.ORG.

Lawrence Taylor is President of People for Democratic Party Reform, He is a Professional Registered Parliamentarian with the National Association of Parliamentarians, and is Vice-President of the Oregon Association of Parliamentarians

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