School Bus Driver Of the Year Loves Her Job

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(Columbia, SC) — She is a highly skilled driver, has a great attitude, work ethic and gets along well with her peers, students and parents. She is Sharon Chisolm, the 2022 Richland School District Two School Bus Driver of the Year.  

Annually the district’s Transportation Department selects four drivers of the quarter and then an overall driver of the year. According to Killian Hub Transportation Manager Robert White, drivers are judged on their driving skills, as well as written and oral tests. 

“Ms. Chisolm was selected due to her professional representation on what all Student Transportation Support Specialists should strive to be. She models the district’s strategic goals of Achievement, Talent, and Culture & Environment. She is the best in her field (Achievement). She creates an atmosphere for all of her students on the bus to feel welcomed and safe (Culture). She has the ability to operate her school bus extraordinarily well (Talent),” said White. 

Chisolm earned her Commercial Driver’s License eight and a half years ago when she came to work in Richland Two. She says she loves her job and enjoys everything about it. “I love building relationships with students who don’t have a voice. In some small way I become a part of their family and can be an example or role model for them,” Chisolm said. “I encourage new drivers to take their training seriously and never stop using the skills they learn. Never take shortcuts because the guidelines are in place to keep everybody safe.”

Chisolm was named the best driver during the Fourth Quarter and ultimate overall winner. The other drivers of the quarter were Albert Black (First Quarter, Richland Northeast Hub), Ronnie Williams, (Second Quarter, Richland Northeast Hub), and James Goodwin (Third Quarter, Special Needs Hub). 

There is a critical need for school bus drivers across the state and the nation. Richland Two offers a highly competitive salary and incentive package to its drivers.

Highlights of Comprehensive Salary and Incentive Package

  • The starting salary is $17.67 with a minimum guarantee of seven hours per day for 183 days of work annually. Extra pay can be earned from field trips, after-school programs, and more.  
  • South Carolina Public Employee Benefit Authority health and dental benefits, and retirement plans. 
  • Sign On Bonus – In the first year, new drivers with no experience can earn up to $1,500. New drivers with experience and a commercial driver’s license (CDL) can earn up to $2,250. New drivers with additional credentials can earn up to $3,000. Richland Two offers paid CDL training for interested applicants.
  • Performance Bonus – Drivers with perfect attendance and no at-fault accidents can earn $100 per month up to $1,000 per year.
  • Longevity Retention Incentive – To keep trained drivers in Richland Two, the district is offering a $2,000 longevity bonus to returning drivers after two years.

Applicants must be 21 years or older, have a high school diploma or GED, and pass background checks. For more information, call 803-419-2524 or visit to apply.

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