What’s new at the South Carolina State Fair?

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(Columbia, SC) – The South Carolina State Fair returns to Columbia on Tuesday with some exciting new additions. Here’s a look at all the ‘new’ you can expect to see, taste, experience, and enjoy.SC State Fair returning in October with enhanced safety measures

Updated bag policy

To ensure the safety of all visitors, the SC state fair will implement a new mandatory clear bag policy. Acceptable bags include clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags that do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”, one-gallon clear plastic storage bags (like Ziploc), and small clutch bags no larger than 4.5” x 6.5”. Exceptions may be made for medically necessary items, but those will need to be inspected and properly tagged. The list of unapproved bags includes backpacks, drawstring bags, purses exceeding size restrictions, oversized tote bags, and more. A full list of prohibited bags can be found here .

Two new family-friendly rides

The SC state fair will feature two brand-new rides that are fun for the whole family.


  • Your kiddo is sure to feel like they’re flying on this brightly, colored ride based on the popular Disney movie. Dumbo holds up to 20 passengers and sends kids spinning through the air. Your child will likely be begging for another turn on this mid-air carousel.

Tea Cup

  • Test your dizziness as you climb inside one of the giant teacups and go swirling around the turntable in this new fan-favorite ride. A hit at amusement parks and carnivals around the country, Tea Cup, lets you manually rotate your cup via a central steering wheel, meaning you can spin as fast or slow as you want. The ride is composed of six cups that sit atop four turntables that sit atop another larger turntable.

Food, food, food

For some, the fair is all about the food and while you’ll still be able to get all the classics you love like fried turkey legs and funnel cakes, there are some new delicious creations to indulge in this year.

Get your fill of warm, freshly baked cookies at the newly expanded cookie kitchen located in the Rosewoods Salon. Cookies are 2 for $1 and for fans of dunking, milk will also be available for purchase.

Also on the list of new foods is the “Steak N Eggs Sundae” from DeAnna’s Food Concessions. This concoction starts with a base of french fries that are topped with a layer of warm cheese, bacon, and sour cream. Add a scoop of cheesy grits, a fried egg, and DeAnna’s famous sirloin steak and you have the perfect breakfast treat.

A new concessions vendor serving up seafood will make its first appearance at the fair this year. Some dishes you can expect to find at Atlantic Seafood include shrimp salad, alligator bites, a fried shrimp plate, calamari, a fish platter, and more.

Other new foods this year include deep-fried lava cake, roasted corn, and a caramel apple cinnamon roll.

New exhibit in Heritage Village

Step inside Heritage Village and become mesmerized by the brand new Glass Blowing Academy. Watch as professional glassblowers create beautiful, unique works of art right before your eyes. In this demonstration, glass artists will heat material to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and shape the molten material to create breathtaking pieces.

Never-before-seen circus show

While taking a break from riding rides and stuffing your face with delectable treats, you might want to check out the Circus tent. The free CIRCUS at the Fair is back for the second year with a brand-new tent and never-before-seen show. Join veteran ringmaster, Ian Garden, as he hosts show-stopping acts like the Urias Globe of Death, the acrobatic Surnina Sisters, daredevil Joseph Bauer, Duo Petrov Juggling, the Upside Down Man, and more. Each day, the CIRCUS will perform three 40-minute shows under the big top, with shows beginning at 2 PM, 4:30 PM, and 7:30 PM.

The SC State Fair runs October 13-24, 2021 and tickets can be purchased online or at the fairgrounds entrance.

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