Congressman James Clyburn Endorses Herbert Fielding for Charleston County Coroner

The House Majority Whip and third-ranking Democrat in the SC House of Representatives has endorsed Herbert Fielding in his race to be Coroner of Charleston County.

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(Charleston, SC) – Joining an inclusive and diverse coalition of supporters, Congressman James E. Clyburn announced his support for Herbert Fielding in his race for Charleston County Coroner. As the House Majority Whip,  Congressman Clyburn is the highest-ranking African American and the third-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives overall. Proudly representing the 6th Congressional District, his work in rural development has been known nationally for the past decade, making him one of the most influential members of the Democratic Party. He has served as the Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus and the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. He currently serves as the Chairman of the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis, as well as Chairman of the Rural Broadband Task Force and Democratic Faith Working Group.  

Both the Fielding and Clyburn families’ have been known for generations across the state of South Carolina – In addition to the Fieldings owning the oldest Black-owned funeral home in Charleston, Sen. Herbert U. Fielding was the first African American elected to the Senate since Reconstruction. Senator Fielding, in fact, pushed the legislation which still helps to prevent the spread of communicable diseases by requiring proper labeling of bodies before they are dispersed. Congressman Clyburn cites Senator Fielding as a major influence in his legislative career. If Fielding wins, his family would again make history as he would become the first Democrat in 35 years to serve as Coroner.

“I am thrilled to have the support of someone with a legacy such as Congressman Clyburn. The effect that he has had in the Lowcountry and surrounding communities of Charleston show that he has the same legacy of loyalty that my family has had for the past century. He has an intimate understanding of our needs here in South Carolina, and it means the world to me that he deems me as the candidate best suited to lead the Charleston County Coroner’s office during these challenging times. One veteran administrator recognizes another!” Fielding stated.  

Fielding has over thirty years of experience in serving various communities through public service in the state of South Carolina, serving as a special investigator for the SC Attorney General’s office. As an administrator, he led the initiative to automate the South Carolina Commission for the Blind, then secured the grant and legislative support to create the organization’s Business Enterprise Program. His assessment and evaluation of South Carolina state programs for their efficiency and proper application, and work to expand the Veterans’ Employment office for the SC Department of Employment Workforce created initiatives that are still being implemented.

“The Charleston County Coroner’s office needs a veteran administrator who will be a good steward of our tax dollars and bring fiscal responsibility to the office while meeting the expanding needs of our growing county,” Fielding explained.

In Congressman Clyburn’s endorsement of Herbert Fielding, he states: “I’ve known Herbert Fielding and his family for a very long time. I can’t think of anyone better suited to serve as Charleston’s next Coroner than Herbert. He is qualified and ready to lead on day one. I’m asking every voter in Charleston County to vote for Herbert Fielding.”

Clyburn’s endorsement is the most notable of many experienced members of the Democratic Party in the state of South Carolina, including Sen. Marlon Kimpson, former Sen. Robert Ford, Rep. David Mack, Merrill Chapman and tens of other lawmakers, many of which hail from the Lowcountry. Fielding has also garnered the support of Republicans and Independents as well, such as Chaplain Rob Dewey, Councilman Dudley Gregorie,  and Councilman Teddie Pryor – stating that he seeks to be a unifier, since “death does not have a political party.”

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