Herbert Fielding Announces Candidacy for Coroner of Charleston County

The Longtime owner of Fielding Home for Funerals has announced his bid for Charleston County Coroner.

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(Charleston, SC) – Today, Herbert Fielding – a lifelong resident of Charleston and co-owner of Fielding Home for Funerals – announced that he would be running for Coroner of Charleston County. In 1912, the Fielding family began running the first African American owned funeral home in the area; a business that is still overseen by the Fielding family over 108 years later, now hosting  a secondary location in North Charleston. Throughout his adult life, Herbert has served at every level of the government from political consulting and compliance monitoring to workforce development and lastly securing employment for veterans.   

“In my line of work, it is my duty to be there for a family at one of the most difficult times in their lives and serve them with compassion, professionalism, and integrity. I also understand what it takes to lead an organization through a critical period of growth. I’m running for Charleton County Coroner because our citizens deserve to have a leader in the Coroner’s office who understands their needs and can direct the office in meeting those needs,” Fielding said.

While many well-known members of the communities of Charleston from both parties have announced their support for the veteran administrator; the Democratic legislators of the county seem to have deemed Fielding to be their pick. In fact, all but one Democratic state representative in Charleston County have voiced their endorsement of Fielding for Coroner. The list also includes other notable community leaders such as (D-42) Sen. Marlon Kimpson and former State Senator Robert Ford; Charleston County Councilman Teddie Pryor and Victor Rawl; as well as City Councilmembers Dudley Gregorie, Robert Mitchell, Sam Hart, Dorothy Williams, and Jerome Hayward; former Charleston Democratic Party Chairman George Tempel, and Local Activist Thomas Dixon. In total, 35 community leaders across Charleston County have chosen Fielding as their pick for Charleston County Coroner.

All Current Endorsers for Herbert Fielding for Charleston County Coroner

The following is an expansive list of notable community leaders from across the state that has publicly endorsed Fielding in his candidacy for Coroner.

Sen. Marlon Kimpson

Rep Wendell Gilliard 

Hon. Teddie Pryor

Fmr. Sen. Robert Ford                            

Dot Scott                                              

Rep. David Mack

Rep Robert Brown                                   

Rep JA Moore                                  

Hon. Victor Rawl

Rep Marvin Pendarvis                           

Rep Joe Jefferson                               

Bud Ferillo

Hon. Dorothy Williams                           

Kwadjo Campbell                             

 Hon. Sam Hart

George Tempel                                       

Pastor Thomas Dixon                      

Clay Middleton

Hon. Jerome Heyward                            

Hon. Dudley Gregorie                       

Davis Marshall

Hon. Kevin Holinshed                             

Rev. Joe Darby                                     

James Lewis

Bobbie Rose                                               

Eunice “Tootsie” Holland                

Alonzo Smith      

Chris Covert                                               

Brandon Upson                                  

Herb Frazier

Troy McClain, Jr.                                     

Melissa Bell-Lee                              

Mark Raymond

Lawrence Nathaniel                                                                                           

Millicent Middleton   

When asked why they chose to support Fielding, there were a variety of answers – with this professionalism being a core thread among them all.

 “Herbert Fielding brings a level of professionalism and compassion to the Charleston County Coroner’s office that no other candidate can. His industry experience and administrative expertise are what’s needed to lead the Coroner’s office to serve the expanding needs of our growing county. I proudly endorse Herbert Fielding for Charleston County Coroner”  -County Councilman Teddie Pryor

“I endorse Herbert Fielding for Charleston County Coroner because he has more experience than anyone that has run for the position in over two decades. Herbert’s family business, Fielding Home for Funerals, has served our community for 108 years. Herbert served as a Special Investigator in the South Carolina Attorney General’s office. I have seen the work that Fielding has done over the past to take care of veterans and their families when they needed it most – not just though his funeral home but through his time working for the SC Employment Security Commission. All of this experience makes him the right person to lead the Coroner’s office through the expansion needed to serve our growing county. I’m asking everyone to join me in voting for Herbert Fielding on June 9th.,” said (D-109) Rep. David Mack said.

Other endorsers cite Fielding’s ability to bring the community together along with his pragmatic nature as the reason that they support his candidacy.

The Primary date for which constituents vote for Charleston County Coroner is June 9, 2020.


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