Herbie’s New Friend

The Third Installment In An Award-Winning Picture Book Series

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Lil Herbie is back again by popular demand!

In his third book, Herbie’s New Friend, Herbie learns what true friendship looks like when Reggie, a new kid at school, stands up for Herbie after bullies ridicule him for his stutter.

Not only does Reggie stand up for Herbie, but he also instills wisdom beyond his years—that everyone is created differently with talents that make you special in your own way. Equating Herbie’s stuttering with his own poor eyesight, Reggie convinces Herbie of the truth: that nothing is wrong with them, and they are perfectly unique as they are.

Author Sherrika Myers uses her past to inspire her books. She grew up stuttering and was constantly ridiculed by her peers, but now she works diligently with at-risk youth, children who stutter, are bullied, have low self-esteem, and lack self-confidence.

“I [help] to improve their quality of life by breaking down communicative and social barriers,” said Sherrika. She created Lil Herbie as an anti-bullying mascot for kids to resonate with and learn from.

The Lil Herbie Series is aimed at children between the ages of four and ten. Herbie’s New Friend is book three of the growing series and remains a perfect story for parents, teachers, and guardians to share with their kids. The entirety of the Lil Herbie Series books is geared toward social-emotional learning, teaching kids about compassion and self-love.

About the Author

Sherrika Myers is a dynamic visionary with a heart for children. She is a Certified Wisdom Life Coach For Kids, an ET National Speaker, Creator of Lil Herbie The Anti-Bully Mascot and the founder of Every 1 Voice Inc. As a children’s book author, she is the creator of the Lil Herbie Series.

Myers and her programs have been featured on CBS, NBC, FOX, Black News Channel, PBS Kids, New York Weekly, and US News. She also received the Multiplying Good Jefferson Award and the YWCA What Women Bring Education Honoree for the state of South Carolina in 2022. She is married with kids and grandkids.

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