What Happened to the King’s Tree?

A documentary about the town of Kingstree Past, Present, and Future

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Two childhood friends, Inetta Jenkins Fulton and Wandy Wallace Taylor, met in Kingstree, SC last summer for a taping of a show and book signing event.  Inetta is the executive producer with WNP Global Media Productions and Wandy is a retired educator, CEO of Taylor and Taylor Education Consultants, and author.  During their visit, they toured the town, spoke to many of the residents, and asked the burning question; “What happened to the beloved town in which they grew up?” 

It was impossible not to notice the closure of businesses; dilapidated buildings; deteriorating roads; and most concerning, the state-takeover of the school system.  These impoverished conditions, as well as concerns expressed by many of the townspeople, sparked the idea for creating a documentary. Hence, their journey began. 

The purpose for this documentary is to bring awareness, involve the community, and provide a pathway for solutions that will not only bring hope for change, but opportunities.

“What Happened to the King’s Tree” will focus on the education and economic development of the town and of Williamsburg County.  The documentary will explore the past; examine the present; and bring hope for a brighter future.

Join us for the premier showing of this Kingstree Project titled:

What Happened to the King’s Tree?

When: Saturday, February 26, 2022

Where: The Alex Chatman Complex – Auditorium 147 W Main St., Kingstree, SC. 29556

Time:  2pm and 5pm

Website: www.theKingstreeproject.com

Email: thekingstreeproject@gmail.com

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/CLVTUlcWWJo

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