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The MinorityEye is the largest minority focused news outlet in South Carolina. Although our core focus is on local news, we have quickly become a national resource for news and information, receiving over 100,000 visitors to the site a week.  Our innovative strategy of “eCasting” (video email) has given us an unmatched competitive edge over all our local competitors. This technology has given us the ability to grow a subscribers list of over 400,000 emails and cell phones numbers of South Carolina residents both local and statewide from all walks of life and economic backgrounds

Our weekly email and mobile publications go out to 300,000+ subscribers each week and we add 30 – 50 new subscribers each month. We typically distribute 3 publications 3x’s a week, depending on the subscriber’s list preferences.

Our typical subscribers are millennials, young professionals, emerging entrepreneurs and business leaders looking for information on events, people, products and issues that are relevant to their lives.  The MinorityEye offers the resources they need to help empower viewers personally and professionally; and helps them grow their businesses or reach their entrepreneurial goals.

Subscriber Demographics 

  • 65% between the ages of 20 – 47
  • 56% female
  • 44% male
  • 83% identified as being part of a minority group
  • 17% identified as a non-minority
  • 31% reported and annual income of 30,000 – 65,000
  • 77% registered voters and are politically active in their community
  • 37% business owners or have plans to start a business
  • 21% have purchase power or authority to decide the goods and services their company uses
  • 58% have attended events promoted by The MinorityEye
  • 31% say they have purchased or utilize the services of our advertisers
  • 43% are interested in art, music, community and faith based events
  • 81% have first came in contact with The MinorityEye on a social media network

The MinorityEye is a news and information aggregator that curates the voices, thoughts and perspectives of minority writers, bloggers, authors, reporters, columnists, pundits, consultants and thought leaders as well as those who write about minorities and issues that impact people and communities of color.

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